Top Affiliate Programs in India

Best Affiliate Programs In India For 2021

Best Affiliate Programs In India

If you are the owner of a website or a blog, it is very easy to earn a passive income from the comfort of your home. There is a concept called affiliate marketing where you can promote prominent brands and their products easily. The best affiliate programs in India make it easy to start earning passive income.

With the advent of digital media, the way corporates interact with consumers has changed rapidly.  

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and time-tested methods where you can help brands reach out to their customers and create better brand awareness and recognition. Having your website is an excellent opportunity for you to earn extra money every time in huge numbers. brings you some of the highest-paying best affiliate programs in India. we have selected these programs from different niches like web hosting, online matrimony, online shopping, recruitment, fitness, fashion, health, cosmetics, and traveling.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been here for decades. It is a business model where affiliates are paid for promoting their products. In this business model, there are three parties, business, affiliate, and consumer. is a platform where you can join India’s most popular affiliate programs and earn a lot each time you market any business products. It is easy and reliable as a platform that allows you to make a lot of money quite readily. 

7 Best Affiliate Programs in India

S.No. Affiliate Programs
1. Hostgator
2. MPL
3. Dhani
4. 10Cric
5. Toluna
6. Flipkart
7. Parimatch


Are you planning to make the most out of the biggest affiliate programs in the country? Then have a look at what Woost has to offer to you.  

  1. Hostgator


Hostgator is a very well-known web hosting company and a top affiliate marketing company in India. It has a broad customer base, and it allows affiliates to earn passive income through the promotion of products and services. It is excellent for people in web designing, hosting services, or blogs for making money.

Hostgator is one of India’s best affiliate programs, and it has its own office to cater to the web hosting needs and requirements of the Indian audiences. 

  1. MPL

mpl affiliate program

MPL is a popular online gaming site where you can play several games to earn easy money. The platform has many cards, board games, and many others that keep the audience entertained in many different ways. Games like MPL online poker, fantasy sports, and others are a great way to get a great gaming experience. 

With, you can join MPL affiliate programs and promote their services to make additional earnings regularly. It is one of the biggest fantasy gaming sites in the country, and it is a fantastic way to promote and earn money at the same time. 

  1. Dhani

Dhani affiliate program

The Dhani platform is a one-stop-shop for all your financial needs and requirements. You can get many personal loans, credit lines, and wallets to manage all your transactions and payments. Also, you can earn Dhani Points for all transactions made on the Dhani App. It also has a top-rated affiliate marketing service that lets affiliates earn a lot of extra money through promotions and advertisements. 

By joining the affiliate rewards program of Dhani, you can earn by sharing and promoting their services on your blog or website.

  1. 10Cric

10cric affiliate program

The Affiliate Programme of 10Cric is a platform where the partners or affiliates are paid money to promote the brand. It is pretty easy to become their partner. Once you become one, you can start promoting the brand across your website, blog, or social media channels and lead your community to register at 10Cric and become their affiliates. 

Depending on the number of new customers you’ve brought to 10Cric each month and how much they have earned from them, you’ll get a certain amount every month.

  1. Toluna 

Toluna affiliate program

Affiliates carry the voice of the big brands and businesses to the customers. Toluna affiliates, which the brand refers to as Toluna Influencers, are vital in reaching the target audience. The affiliates are given the responsibility to reach out to the customers through distribution, promotion, and advertising. You can join the Toluna Influencers program quickly with 

Toluna offers you excellent opportunities to earn additional income with regular promotions, advertising, and more.

  1. Flipkart

Flipkart affiliate program

One of the earliest e-commerce platforms in India offers perhaps the best affiliate programs in India. It does not require any fees to sign up for the program, and for that, all you need to do is generate and drive traffic from websites or mobile sites or any mobile apps to Flipkart and earn commission on each purchase.

You can join the program with Woost quite easily. It has diverse platforms like accurate tracking, broad product categories, and on-time payment, which makes it one of the most sought-after affiliate programs in India.

  1. Parimatch

Parimatch Affiliate Program in India

Parimatch is one of the most popular online sporting sites where anyone can play a number of unique games and matches to earn money. It also has its own fantastic affiliate program wherein you can generate an income by becoming the voice of the brand. It has a number of offers, services, and products that affiliates need to promote in order to earn regularly. 

If you want to be an affiliate with Parimatch or any of the above-mentioned affiliate programs, then you need to check out to join these or any other top affiliate programs in the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the highest-paying affiliate programs?
Answer. There are a number of affiliate programs in the country that you can join quite easily to earn quick money online.

Q2. What are the best affiliate programs to join?
Answer. You can have a look at to have a look at all the top affiliate programs in India.

Q3. Is affiliate marketing profitable in India?
Answer. There is a lot of scope for affiliate programs in India. Because of its vast population, India is a massive market for a number of products and services. Thus, there is a vast demand for affiliate programs and services.

Q4. How much do beginner affiliate marketers earn in India?
Answer. Beginner affiliate marketers can make a good deal easier in India. You can check out the list above or have a look at for more.

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