Affiliate Marketing For eCommerce Brands

Are you looking for websites for affiliate marketing for eCommerce brands? If yes, you are reading the required article for you. 

In this article, I will tell you about various famous affiliate marketing websites in India.

Affiliate marketing is simply expanded to include an internet component through eCommerce. An online merchant receives a commission when they advertise the goods, services, or website of another business on their website.

Nowadays, there are various eCommerce websites prevalent in the industry. So here I have shortlisted the 5 best affiliate marketing websites. To understand more, read this article through to the conclusion. 

List Of 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Here we have curated a list of the 5 best affiliate marketing websites. To learn more about these websites, keep reading this article. 

  1. Woost Internet Private Limited
    Woost Internet Private Limited- Affiliate Marketing Company India

Woost is an influencer-focused performance marketing business. They have at least three years of experience helping our clients achieve the highest performance and paradigm-shifting results. Regardless of the economic model, we are dedicated to helping you accomplish your marketing goals and strive to exceed your expectations in terms of sales growth. They explore every angle to build a sales funnel that elevates your brand. Scale up swiftly with their Influencer’s advertising platforms.

Key Highlights

  • Smart Management
  • Performance Experience
  • Quality Assurance
  • Smart Tracking
  • Round The Clock Support
  1. Refersion
    Refersion API - Developer docs, APIs, SDKs, and auth. | API Tracker

Now is the moment to simplify performance marketing. Refersion is made to make it easy for you to begin and quickly build your network of promotions. They take care of the labour-intensive tasks so you can concentrate on expanding your company through collaborations with bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, and promoters.

In just two years, they transformed Refersion from a beta product into a successful company by building a team from the bottom up. They are dedicated to assisting eCommerce companies of all sizes to thrive in a society where data and performance are paramount. They offer training and assistance if your team is just starting. If your company demands additional complexity, they can work with you to develop unique features and work on product evolution. 

Key Highlights

  • Recruitment Automation
  • Compliance and Forms
  • Customised Affiliate Portal
  • Real-Time Sales Tracking And Business Efficiency
  1. Tapfiliate
    Legit Affiliate Marketing Programs Business To Business AffiliateLegit Affiliate Marketing Programs Business To Business Affiliate

By attracting dedicated consumers and inspiring their audience to promote their brand, Tapfiliate creates affiliate management software that aids thousands of businesses in growing their enterprises. This is one of the best free affiliate marketing websites

While doing so, they adhere to a better vision: to restore people’s enjoyment of advertising. Tapfiliate is a subsidiary of Mitgo, a global leader in online advertising solutions with in-depth industry knowledge. They can create even better affiliate marketing solutions for their consumers more quickly since they are a member of the Mitgo ecosystem. 

Key Highlights

  • Professional Learning Resources
  • Comprehensive Guides
  • Allows marketers to provide freebies and links for referrals
  1. Post Affiliate Pro
    Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is among the best options for many new enterprises, SMEs, and startups. For small businesses looking to build their businesses through affiliate marketing, its ability to grow makes it appealing. Post Affiliate Pro allows companies to manage every aspect of their affiliate programme, as most other affiliate marketing websites do. It helps with marketing content development, measuring performance, and managing affiliates. Its ability to interface with practically all platforms and apps sets it apart from competitors. More than 170 integrations, including well-known e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and 3DCart, are supported.

Key Highlights

  • Increases Sales With Accurate Tracking
  • Save Resources With Promotional Materials
  • Streamline Your Affiliate Programs
  • Save Time With Automation
  • Improve With Reports & Analytics
  1. Affise
    Affise Review (2023) - Create Your Own Referral Program

Affise is a cutting-edge system that allows companies to automate and expand their affiliate marketing initiatives. The platform offers a variety of settings and tools for establishing and managing affiliate networks. It provides for customisable payments in several currencies, third-party interfaces, and fraud prevention.

You may quickly create and customise dashboards using its user-friendly interface to manage affiliates’ and advertisers’ operations better. Analyse performance data from over 50 data breakdowns and performance reports. To optimise your campaigns, use sophisticated features like AI Smartlinks, Smart Targeting, CR optimisation, and more. Most importantly, you may experiment with infinite campaigns to see which ones generate the greatest income. 

Key Highlights

  • Automate And Scale Campaigns
  • Recruit New Partners And Influencers
  • Manage Partnership Marketing Campaigns
  • Measure, Track & Analyse Results
  1. Everflow

With Everflow, go beyond affiliate marketing. Manage all of your clients and relationships kinds from one platform. Everflow’s automated tools and effective integrations ease relationship administration. Instant cart setups, international payments, scheduled reporting, event tracking, and conversion tracking are all made possible. It uses data analytics to provide variance reports and give in-depth insights. Automated fraud detection and coupon theft prevention also boost security. Whether you are a brand, agency, or ad network, Everflow allows you to manage your partnership programme at scale.

Key Highlights

  • Manage every affiliate & influencer
  • Connect major ad platforms
  • Attribute retention and expansion
  • Attribute User Activity

  1. LeadDyno

LeadDyno Affiliate Software has established itself as a pioneer in the affiliate marketing sector since its debut in 2014. It has continuously improved its software to expand functionality while utilizing the most recent technology. One of the most uncomplicated affiliate software products to use is LeadDyno. Integration with email platforms, payment processors, management systems, and e-commerce platforms requires one or two clicks. Setting it up merely takes a few minutes, and practically no technical expertise is required. The software comes with fundamental capabilities to help start-up companies accelerate the expansion of their affiliate programme. More sophisticated technologies enable customization, including creating tiered payment systems and evaluating data analytics findings.

Key Highlights

  • Easy Setup
  • Track Performance
  • Increases Sales
  • Time-Saving Affiliate Management Tools


This was all about Affiliate Marketing for eCommerce Brands. After going through this article, you must have gained all the knowledge regarding the same. We have delivered to you all the tiny details. Affiliate Marketing Websites are platforms for promoting goods or services in exchange for commissions on sales. So, go through these websites and choose the best according to your needs and requirements. 

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