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7 Fashion Influencers In India

7 Fashion Influencers In India: Making An Impact From Local To Global

Do you want to boost your fashion brand to the next level? Well, If budget isn’t a concern, then the most effective way is to connect with fashion influencers in India on Instagram. Fashion brands are increasingly working with Indian influencers on Instagram and other platforms to promote their products and values. This collaboration not…

How Mega Influencers Can Grow An Agency

How Mega Influencers Can Grow An Agency?

Do you know influencer marketing has become a significant industry worth more than 21 billion dollars? Since the numbers don’t lie, it is safe to say that influencers are the future of marketing, with their industrial value increasing fast.  Influencers are mainly of 4 types – Nano influencers, Micro-influencers, Macro influencers and Mega influencers. Today,…


Top Mega Influencers in India to Follow in 2024

Well, who isn’t aware of the influencers yet? Influencers are the trendsetters of today’s time. They have a close-knit community of followers from thousands to millions. Pretty impressive, right? Influencers play an impactful role in society, from promoting brands to raising awareness on various issues. There are multiple categories of influencers based on the number…