Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

How to Create Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing?

Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

When running an affiliate campaign, where do you send your traffic? To the homepage of your website or a subdomain? 

If you are sending the leads to the homepage, it can be overwhelming and confusing for users. In affiliate marketing, a landing page is typically sales driven. The headline, images, offer and copy should all match the marketing efforts.

Using a dedicated landing page with a specific goal can make a difference. 

So, What makes a good landing page? 

What elements should be incorporated into your landing page for affiliate marketing to improve conversions? 

To answer these questions, look at critical elements you must consider for designing your landing page.

What is Landing Page?

It is a single page with a specific target. A good landing page can hugely increase your chances of success. Headers, subheaders, images, and buttons should effectively represent the message. Consider the target audience and conversion goals for crafting a landing page. 

It is the place where conversions happen. Creating a landing page with multiple purposes can only distract the visitor. They are focused on a single goal, not to let the user be distracted by multiple links or navigations. 

If you try to meet multiple goals, there is every chance that it will not resonate with all of them. When you have a single focus, your efforts are much more focused, and the opportunity of conversion improves. 

What is a Good Landing Page?

When you send traffic to the landing page, it should convert to a sale, signup, newsletter subscription etc.  

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned landing page is critical regarding affiliate marketing. Traffic is sent to convert into a lead or a sale.

Use a landing page template to ensure a strong visual hierarchy. If the user takes the desired action, your landing page serves its purpose. 

To convince the visitors to complete the desired action, you need to optimise every element such as headlines, images, copy, design and CTA. 

Types of Landing Pages 

Landing pages can be created using a landing page builder or directly on your website. If you use a landing page builder make sure the page feels a part of your brand identity. A landing page derives traffic from other marketing efforts such as social ads, email marketing, etc. 

Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page is designed to capture information about a lead, such as a name, mobile number, etc. The end goal is to convert the captured leads into customers. 

Click Through Page

A click-through page is used as a middleman to warn up visitors before sending them further into the marketing funnel. This goal is to let visitors read the offer information without any distraction. 

Sales Pages

A Sales page clearly demonstrates how the products/services solve the particular problem. It includes in-depth customer research to understand the underlying pain points of customers. Case studies, testimonials, and reviews are also key elements of sales pages. In short, a great sales page makes the offer irresistible. 

Landing Page Best Practices For Affiliate Marketing 

Single Call to Action 

Use a single CTA button to avoid distractions. The goal could be an ebook download, content entry, free trial, webinar registration etc. Having too many CTAs distract the visitor from the main goal of the landing page. 

Use Social Proof 

You can use testimonials and reviews to boost conversions. Providing social proof helps build trust and credibility. 

Keep important things above the fold

This is the part of the screen visible to the users without scrolling down. There is a good chance that the visitor will not scroll down to read further. So keep the headline, call to action and the main message above the fold for a better chance of a conversion. 

Avoid any distraction 

The landing page has one single objective. Any links to other pages will distract the visitor from the main goal. Remove any links to make sure the call to action draws all attention. 

Optimise for organic search

You may be driving visitors via email marketing or social media but always optimise your page for the target keyword for organic search. People should find your page when they search for the key phrase. 

Create For Mobile

It is essential to design your landing page for mobile use. But researches indicate that majority of global internet traffic is from mobile phones. 

Use a customizable template 

You can start with a template and customise it to fit your campaign. There are sites selling professionally designed landing pages that can be customized with best practices in mind. 

A/B testing Landing Page

It is a conversion optimization technique where you compare the performance of two landing pages. You compare the conversions of page A & Page B. The testing compares two slightly different versions of a page. 

There are several elements that you can improve with landing page testing. The key insights help improve the landing page and increase engagement and conversion rate.  

Creating landing pages is a necessary part of any content focussed affiliate program. If you want to learn more about the importance of landing pages in affiliate marketing or want to improve your landing page, get in touch with our team of experts.

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