Myntra Affiliate Program

What is Myntra Affiliate Program and How Does it Work?

Myntra Affiliate Program is opening the doors for all who are interested in earning money by promoting top-notch fashion products in India. This Affiliate Program is currently at the top because Myntra is the #1 online fashion eCommerce platform in India that has a vast collection of fashion brands. 

In this blog, I am going to tell you how Myntra Affiliates work, what the program benefits are, and how to join the Myntra Affiliate Program. Let’s dig-in

How Does Myntra Affiliate Program Work?

In very precise words, this affiliate program will allow you to share links for your Myntra products. How will you make money? It’s very simple: when your audience clicks on the link and buys something. 

The money you are getting from the audience is a percentage of the product’s price, and it also depends on the product. If a user looks at the product but does not buy anything, you don’t earn money. But if they come back and purchase a product using your link, you can earn a commission. 

There is a chance when people are interested to buy, add an item to their shopping cart, but leave without buying that item. If that user comes back and purchases within 90 days, you will get a reward. You will get the money when the buyer receives the items and pays Myntra in full. 

How to Join this Affiliate Program?

The process to join is quite simple for any user. To know the process, see the steps given below-

  • Your first step is to Sign-up at WOOST by using your mobile number or gmail. The Sign-up process is Free. 
  • The second step is to select a product that you want to promote. 
  • After selecting the product, copy the link of that product and just convert it into an affiliate link.
  • Start promoting that product on your network by keeping it in mind to get more and more user engagement and sales. 
  • You will start getting affiliate commission if the audience starts buying that product through your link. Those affiliate commissions can be withdrawn as real cash. 
  • It is simple to withdraw all your commission just by requesting the withdrawal.

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Reasons Why Choose WOOST to Become an Affiliate Marketer? 

I am going to share four major reasons why WOOST should be at your fingertips to become an affiliate marketer-

  • Always share the top-notch Fashion deals from the popular brands. 
  • We help you earn on every order placed through your link. You can even join our refer-and-earn program to earn a 10% commission lifetime.
  • You can withdraw your earnings into a bank account as real cash.
  • Besides Myntra Affiliate Program, you can join more other top affiliate programs, such as Flipkart, Mamaearth, etc.

Latest Myntra Affiliate Program Benefits 

  • WOOST will provide upto ₹50,000 per month commission to all the affiliates. The amount can be raised. It totally depends on the transactions made through your link. 
  • There is no need to submit any documents. Just download the WOOST app from your app store and sign up using your contact number or email address. 
  • It hardly takes 1 hour to track every Myntra order on WOOST. Your earning commission will take upto 80 days to get fully confirmed. 
  • The facility of Commission withdrawal is perfect on WOOST. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹10, which can be easily transferred to your Bank account (real cash money). 

Myntra Affiliate Commission Rate Details

Are you interested to know about the commission rate for new users and old users? If yes, see the table given below-

User Type Commission/Profit Rate
New user Upto 20%
Old user Upto Flat 10%

Payment Information

Payment Duration 7 Days
Requirement for Payment Share Bank Details Only
Payment Mode NEFT
Minimum Withdrawal ₹10


This was all about the Myntra Affiliate Program of WOOST. If you want to become an Affiliate Marketer, delay no further in connecting with our team. WOOST is one of the top Affiliate Marketing companies who are on a mission to build every brand stronger. You will get splendid marketing services, such as Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, ROI-based Influencer marketing, Social media marketing, and so on. If you are serious about growing your brand, contact us today! 

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