Top Female Instagram Influencers in India

Top Female Instagram Influencers in India (2024)

Do you know some super-successful Female Instagram Influencers? Are you interested in contacting those Influencers to promote your brand? If yes, read this blog till the end. I will let you know the Top Female Instagram Influencers in India.

Nowadays, everyone knows how influencers play a major role for every brand on social media platforms like Instagram. From increasing reach to boosting engagement, connecting with the top Female Instagram Influencers is the right decision. 

Read this blog to know about popular influencers in India:

  • Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

Let’s start with a fashion beauty and life influencer. The name is Aashna Shroff, and she gained popularity not only on the Instagram platform but also on YouTube. She was also honoured as Cosmopolitan Luxury Fashion Influencer of the Year 2023. You may have heard about her getting engaged to popular Bollywood singer Armaan Malik. If you only want to contact a Female Fashion influencer, she can help you grow your brand. Her followers on Instagram are around 1 Million. 

  • Aditi Shrestha (@thatquirkymiss)

Looking for the Top Female Instagram Influencers in India? Yes? The second name on my list is Aditi Shrestha, who is also a fashion influencer. When she stepped into this field, she only had limited resources. When I was researching her, I found that she started vlogging on her YouTube channel, “That Quirky Miss”. One of the best things to know about Aditi Shrestha is she got the award as Femina Body Positive Influencer. That’s a big achievement! Besides fashion, you will also see her posts related to mental health and social bullying. Contact her to grow your brand! She has 290K followers on the Instagram platform.

  • Sarah Sarosh (@sarahsaroshh)

Have you heard about the founder of Impulse Coffees? The name is Sarah Sarosh who is renowned as a fashion lifestyle vlogger. The reason why it is worth seeing her posts on Instagram is that she shares beauty tips and makeup tutorial videos. Her only motive is to encourage viewers to love themselves no matter what. Most people love her unique approach. This might be the reason she has 174K followers on Instagram and 1.21 Million on YouTube.

  • Yashita Rai (@yashitarai)

If you love watching fashion and lifestyle content, I am sure you have followed Yashita Rai, one of the best Female Instagram Influencers in India. She has gained a huge following not only on Instagram but also on YouTube. After researching her, I got to know that she started an Alphabetical date series where she will go with her boyfriend, and they both will do fun activities in alphabetical order. Currently, she has 70.5K on Instagram and 1.25 Million on YouTube. 

  • Aakriti Rana (@aakritiranaofficial)

Are you interested to know about the top travel cum fashion influencer on Instagram? Do you know who is at the top? No? Aakriti Rana has built her name in the industry and has a wonderful fashion sense, as she has visited several countries in the world. When you watch her posts on Instagram, you find travelling pictures the most. Around 1 Million followers she has on Instagram and 151K on YouTube.

  • Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial)

Now, let’s talk about a 28-year-old Delhi-based celebrity influencer. Her name is Komal Pandey, and she has a massive following on the Instagram app. If you are looking for the top Female Instagram Influencers in India who post fashion content, Komal Pandey should be your first choice. She also ran her own fashion blog called ‘The College Couture’ in 2015. Best of all, her followers on Instagram are 1.9 Million.


These are the six Top Female Instagram Influencers in India who have a massive following on social media. Most of them are fashion influencers who are helping brands to grow. Just like these, do you know other female influencers? Do share those names in our comment section.

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