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Top 7 Travel Influencers In India: Exploring The Wanderlust

Are you planning a weekend getaway but confused about where to go? Don’t worry—here comes your saviour. Planning a trip with your loved ones is the toughest task, and these travel influencers can help.

These travel influencers are passionate about travelling and inspire others by sharing their tips, experiences, recommendations, and stories on social media.

Also, If you are a tourism brand and want to reach an extensive audience, you can contact these influencers, who can pitch how your brand can facilitate their trips.

So, if you want to know about these travel influencers in detail, scroll down and read this article until the end.

List Of Top 7 Travel Influencers in India

Below, I will provide you with a list of 7 top travel influencers in India whom you can follow on Instagram and YouTube for their amazing vlogs, posts and detailed blogs about their tours.

1. Shashank Sanghvi (Luxury Travel Influencer)

Instagram: @iamshashh
YouTube: The Offbeat couple

Travel, lifestyle, and fashion are three things that Shashank Sanghvi, a well-known digital creator and influencer, is passionate about. He has 219K YouTube subscribers and 3 million Instagram followers. Shashank and his spouse, Dimpi, have a travel-focused YouTube channel called “The Offbeat Couple,” where they share videos of their travels to various cities and nations. He has visited more than 30 nations and 59 cities, worked with numerous well-known companies, and received recognition for his achievements.

2. Shivya Nath

Instagram: @shivya
YouTube: The Shooting Star

Travel blogger, author, social entrepreneur, and climate activist Shivya Nath left her corporate job at age 23 to embark on a global exploration journey. She is the author of the best-selling travel memoir The Shooting Star and is deeply committed to veganism, ethical and sustainable travel, and animal welfare.

In addition, she is a co-founder of Voices of Rural India, a platform that offers rural storytellers digital storytelling opportunities in five different languages. She also founded the impact consultancy Climate Conscious Travel, which specialises in creating carbon-neutral travel experiences, community-based carbon removal, climate change education, and sustainability storytelling.

3. Ajay Sood

Instagram: @travelure
YouTube: N/A

Ajay Sood is the creator of Traveller, a travel blog and photo platform. Ajay Sood is a well-known figure in the travel industry, having won multiple blogging contests and the Outlook Magazine Photographer of the Year award. Even though he has multiple hats, including travel blogger and TBEX speaker, his speciality is photography. Additionally, Ajay imparts his photographic expertise to other global travel journalists and enthusiasts. He has given speeches at a number of media conferences for travel. His journeys have taken him to over 45 nations, where he has gathered tales to uplift, direct, and enlighten travellers.

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4. Savi and Vid

Instagram: @bruisedpassports
YouTube: Bruised Passports

Married couple Savi and Vid gave up their jobs to follow their love of adventure and travel. They have visited as many as 107 countries thus far. Savi and Vid are storytellers and photographers who want to alter people’s ideas about what success looks like. They are the creators of Bruised Passports, a website where they provide advice, suggestions, and travel stories. Additionally, Bruised Passports was highlighted by a number of media sites, including TEDx, National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet, and Outlook Traveller. They also share vlogs and documentaries about their travels on their YouTube channel. With 1.2 million Instagram followers, they share travel experiences, recommendations, and pictures.

5. Shakir Subhan Or The Mallu Traveler

Instagram: @mallu_traveler
YouTube: Mallu Traveler

Kerala-based influencer Shakir Subhan is also known by his online persona, Mallu Traveller. He has 2.7 million YouTube subscribers and 2.2 million Instagram followers. You should follow Mallu Traveler if you’re looking for inexpensive travel advice because he frequently shares his experiences and offers insightful advice on how to travel on a tight budget. He left his position as a salesman in Dubai to follow his lifelong dream of travelling. His educational and entertaining content appeals to viewers who want to get ideas for trips without going over budget.

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6. Siddhartha Joshi

Instagram: @siddharthajoshi
YouTube: Siddhartha Joshi

You should follow Siddhartha Joshi if you want in-depth travel blogs about a particular place. He is also a TEDx speaker and blogger. His videos are very informative, providing details about the location, its history, and much more. He has approximately 439K Instagram followers and 53.1K YouTube subscribers.

Siddhartha Joshi has travelled to numerous locations both domestically and overseas, capturing their natural beauty and customs with his camera. He also provides strategies and tactics for expanding on social media, particularly Instagram. He maintains his own website, Sid—The Wanderer, where he talks about his travel experiences.

7. Anunay Sood

Instagram: @anunaysood
YouTube: Anunay Sood

Anunay Sood is not like other tourists. In addition to managing marketing campaigns for various companies and brands, he is a freelance growth hacker and photographer in Dubai. Anunay Sood has over a million Instagram followers and has travelled to 31 different countries in a single year. Notable magazines like Natgeo India, CN Traveler India, Forbes, and Lonely Planet have featured him for his breathtaking travel images and narratives. He inspires people to take trips, pursue their dreams, lead balanced lives, and create memories.

Final Thoughts

Many travel bloggers in India collaborate with various travel and hospitality brands to highlight their brands’ essence for their followers. Many brands have benefited from the excellent leads generated by these Indian travel vloggers. Use these elite Indian travel influencers to expand your brand’s reach across multiple digital channels! These travel influencers are essentially those of us who have taken the initial step toward following our passions. Plan your large international tour packages as soon as possible if you’re prepared to accept yours! For collaborations with travel influencers tailored to your business needs, hire Woost Internet Private Limited, the best influencer marketing company in the industry.

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