Uncovering Different Types of Influencers in India: A Closer Look

Did you know that you can enhance your business to the next level with the help of different types of influencers in India? Influencers help in promoting your business to make it large.

Influencer marketing is considered an effective form of marketing because it has evolved significantly over the past few years.

If you want to partner with influencers to advertise your brand or product, it is essential to know the 12 different types of influencers in India with whom you can collaborate.

It will assist you in finding the apt influencers to make and execute better campaigns and will help you get the maximum benefits from your influencer marketing budget. 

List Of 4 Different Types of Influencers in India By Follower Count

The presence of influencers is growing everywhere. With influencer marketing having one of the highest returns on investments compared to more conventional digital marketing channels, it makes sense. There are a lot of influencers in the market with different numbers of followers, which makes it harder to choose the best one to improve your campaigns. So, let’s analyse it in this section and offer clarification.

  1. Nano Influencers: The social media followings of nano influencers range from 1k-10K. Typically, their social media following is highly engaged, and their engagement rates are excellent. Nano influencers are a reasonably priced way to begin influencer marketing if you’re a small to mid-sized company on a tight budget.
  2. Micro-Influencers: An influencer with 10K–100K followers qualifies as a micro influencer. Micro-influencers are still seen as relatable by their followers and typically have an engaged audience despite having a sizable following. Micro-influencers can assist you in producing more targeted leads when you’re ready to start doing so. 
  3. Macro Influencers: Compared to micro-influencers, macro influencers typically have a wider appeal and range of followers, from 100,000 to one million. Using macro influencers to promote your brand, goods, and services is a great idea. Macro influencers can assist you in expanding your audience and improving the reputation of your business because they have a sizable following.
  4. Mega Influencers: Superstars and influencers have a following of over a million people. You’ll need to have a sizable marketing budget to hire them, as they are usually celebrities. Mega influencers can help you get your products in front of as many people as possible if you have a big budget and are working on a brand awareness campaign.

8 Types of Influencers Depending on Niche or Content

At times, you require an influencer within a particular niche. You can use these eight categories of influencers for your next marketing campaign, which are based on their niches.

  1. Bloggers and Vloggers: Due to the large number of followers they have on their blogs or YouTube channels, bloggers and vloggers are usually considered macro and mega influencers. High-quality content is produced by bloggers and vloggers, which engages their audience and establishes them as authorities in their niches. 
  2. Photographers: Major camera companies often choose to work with photography influencers that fit into the mega through micro-influencer categories to market their lenses, cameras, and other accessories.
  3. Travel: Influencers in travel provide more than just a serious case of FOMO. Numerous travel influencers provide reviews of travel-related brands, suggested itineraries that include dining options, and other travel-related advice, tricks, and hacks. 
  4. Beauty: 43% of customers follow influencers in the beauty industry. These influencers can easily raise awareness of your beauty brand and boost sales by sharing how-tos, product reviews, beauty tips, and more. 
  5. Fashion: Fashion influencers have a wide range of products to promote because they focus on items like apparel, jewellery, shoes, and other accessories. They often work closely with fashion labels, promoting goods, offering product evaluations, making “haul” videos following shopping excursions, and offering styling guidance.
  6. Parenting: Parenting influencers review products, offer advice to aspiring parents, and share their own experiences as parents, both good and bad. Parenting influencers have the ability to promote goods in a wide variety of industries.
  7. Sports And Fitness: Influencers in the sports and fitness industries usually serve as inspiration to their followers. They frequently support brands associated with sports, the health and wellness sector, particular food and exercise regimens, and more.
  8. Gamers: Influencers in the gaming industry who live stream their games on Twitch and YouTube can gain millions of followers interested in learning more about gaming or getting better at it. Vehicle, apparel, shoe, snack, and beverage brands are likely to achieve great results with a gaming influencer partnership, despite the fact that gaming influencers frequently promote video games and brands associated with them.

Final Words

As you can see, there are different types of influencers in India that you can work with to market your company, goods, and services. You will undoubtedly find the ideal influencer for your needs based on your budget, brand personality, and niche. You can choose any influencer based on your offering and target audience if you’re looking to work with them.

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